No, I did not attend Philips Exeter, I Own a Philips Lightbox

Graphic by Kat Chen

I’m not smart, I just have Seasonal Affective Disorder. That white square on my wall is not a boarding school diploma, it’s a lightbox.

When I’m sad, the light gets brighter, but the light has no correlation to the brightness of my brain. Actually, my brain is quite dim. Like the dark, dark winter that sends me spiraling into dismal despair.

I wonder if a Philips Exeter diploma would bring me as much joy as my Philips lightbox. I think it would connect me to powerful people in a similar way that my lightbox connects me to the powerful sun during these short winter days.

If I were as bright as my lightbox, boy oh boy, would Phillips Exeter be throwing money at me. Alas, I don’t even have a GED…

… let alone an LED.

Yours truly,

An environmentally friendly lightbulb