“It was all about networking,” 10 Tips from an Incoming Banker With Two Parents at Goldman

As Columbia students approach the revered campuswide tradition of investment banking recruitment season, one recent grad we interviewed had some helpful advice to share with our reporters. Our interview was originally scheduled for 6:00 PM but was postponed until she left work at 1:00 AM. Here are the key takeaways:

  • “Make sure your technical knowledge is perfect… in making PowerPoints, not financial modeling.”
  • “Definitely follow a major sports team. You don’t need to care about it, but it makes for great interview small talk. How about them Nets?”
  • “List every course you’ve taken and the grade you got on your LinkedIn. Even your P in P.E.”
  • “Keep the Gucci loafers in the box. I would go for a dirtier pair of Golden Gooses—under $400 if you can swing it.”
  • “Have your three-paragraph offer acceptance LinkedIn post in your drafts so you can post it right when you sign your offer letter. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a Bible quote, either.”
  • “Join your mom for her 6:45 AM Peloton class, and make sure you stick around for green juice after.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask for a referral. I reached out to everyone, even my parents. They were a great resource because they have some experience in the field.”
  • “Definitely network with your friends from tennis camp in St. Barth’s. I didn’t even bother reaching out to my girls from Phillips Academy.”
  • “Lie on your résumé. Mine says I speak Esperanto—I have yet to run into an MD who speaks it too.”
  • “Make sure you’re comfortable around cocaine. It doesn’t hurt to know a guy.”