Subway Fares Increasing from $2.90 to $6.90 (Because That’s the Funny Number)

Many New Yorkers were outraged by the 15 cent base fare increase for subway, local buses, and paratransit, as announced in late August. Cost of living in NYC has increased exponentially while the economy is probably still bad. So, in an attempt to mollify angry commuters, the MTA has decided to take swift action and increase the fare from $2.90 to $6.90 (the funny number).

Some critics have claimed that “this just makes taking the subway more expensive” and “this is outside of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s agreement to increase fares every two years,” but fans of this decision remain supportive. They laugh, because $6.90 is the funny number. The sex number.

Economists don’t know what to make of the decision, and the potential financial ramifications, but they do know that it’s funny because it’s the funny number. Because it’s like 69.

The Fed’s transportation correspondent reports of the MTA’s decision, “Nice.”