Smells Like the Hamilton Elevator on a Warm Thursday Night

On our way to rehearsal for Notes and Keys … all of the aromas of the Hamilton elevator swirl around us to create an intoxicating atmosphere that can only be described by one word: Columbia. As a second semester first-year and senior, these scents have shaped our memories in clusters of Morningside Heights. Whether it be the putrid remnants of a wild night out at 1020 (rip), or the soft, sweet scent of Warm Vanilla Sugar, the thread uniting them is their position on 116th and Amsterdam. 

Sophie Simons, BC’25, loves to rock Sweet Pea during a casual day on campus. We coincidentally meet in the Hamilton elevator twice a week as they head to Metrotones rehearsal. Our aca-divisions don’t separate us … but the thrilling smells of Bath and Body Works perfumes do. “I would love to be included, but I don’t have a sense of smell,” laments Sophie. Although Sophie can’t smell themself, we can smell her, and it’s definitely a scent worth remembering. 

Eliza Heath, BC’25, wishes she could rock Be Enchanted. “We didn’t have a Bath and Body Works in my city,” sobs Eliza. My heart aches as she shares this information. It completely changes my perspective on Eliza. Elizabeth Meyer, BC’22, found herself in a similar situation growing up. She states, “I hope that, as I grow into a stronger woman, maybe I can transform or ‘anamorphisize’ (like the book) into wearing Bath and Body Works’ ‘ would choose “Domino Cane Sugar with a hint of musk” if she had to pick. We admire Elizabeth’s DIY abilities when it comes to her college-era aromas.

Gustie Owens, BC’22, “wanted to be Warm Vanilla sugar as a Child … [but] was more of a soupy child, maybe chicken noodle,” but in her college days, she favors the limited edition plastic hand sanitizer holder (she “really vibe[s] with adding more plastic products”).

Jayne Magliocco, BC’23, claims that she is “obsessed and you know I have experience with them.” The store also possesses powerful memories for her, as she recounts that “every time I walk in, I pass out.” 

As for us, Dani, BC’25, dabbles with Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte when she’s feeling spicy and adventurous. Emily, CC’22, goes for Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin on the days when she wants to be sniffed and Winter Candy Apple when she wants to leave a brief impression on the noses of her friends. 

“We’re taking over the tri-state area in our own little way,” says Dani.