COVID Isolation Playlist

Hey guys, Rick Ross here! 

Did you get COVID from me? Oopsies, sorry about that 

(Please don’t sue me ;))

Seriously, please don’t. 

I heard a whole lot of you crazy kids are in quarantine now—10 days is a long time, and I just thought I’d send over a lil’ something special for you to listen to while you languish in the claustrophobic hell that is your dorm room. It’s a playlist of some of my favorite artists to get you through (you’re welcome!)!


Rick Ross <3

  1. Hustlin’ by Rick Ross

Because the homework grind never stops, not even for COVID. 

  1. Richer Than I’ve Ever Been by Rick Ross

When Barnard sends you Grubhub money…

  1. Diced Pineapple by Rick Ross

When you’ve used all your Grubhub money, and this is all you have left (must suck being broke haha)

  1. Outlawz by Rick Ross

Fuck the rules, go outside! (not endorsed by Rick Ross (me))

  1. Nobody by Rick Ross

I bet it’s lonely in there 🙁

  1. Nobody’s Favorite by Rick Ross

Sorry, no one wants to see you right now, cause you have COVID of course …

  1. The Devil Is a Lie by Rick Ross

And by the devil, I mean COVID (it’s a hoax)

  1. Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan

This song is so eerily beautiful. The way this artist pours her soul into her music—it brings tears to my eyes. Her sadness is palpable, and I feel as though I’m mourning the loss of a loved one along with her

  1. The Boss by Rick Ross

To remind you that Rick Ross (me) is always the boss

  1. You the Boss by Rick Ross

…  but you’re also the boss (but not as big of a boss as me, Rick Ross)

  1. Thug Cry by Rick Ross

Even Rick Ross (me) cries sometimes—and you do too (a lot, right now. Because you have COVID. Lol.)