Hottest Group Costumes for Halloween 2021

Artwork by Quan Ha
  1. Common Allergens

When you walk into the club, all eyes will be on you. And those eyes will be watery as fuck. Splash some pet dander and dust mites on a cute lbd and you and your squad are ready for a halloween to remember

2. Oops, all Paddingtons

Are we seeing double? It’s a good thing The Federalist has enough marmalade sandwiches for every one of you (sexy) little bears in your (sexy sexy) yellow coats.

3. The Diet of Worms of 1521

You and your sexiest pals get dolled up as the imperial assembly of the Holy Roman Empire called by Emperor Charles V and conducted in the Imperial Free City of Worms.

4. States in New England

You and your besties fit together like Massachusetts and Connecticut, so now it’s time to show off your tri-state area.

5. Bodily Fluids

Piss, Shit, and Chunky Vomit? The spookiness is practically leaking out of your group’s Halloween Google Photo Memories of this night!

6. Barnard Modes of Thinking

Sorry Columbia, this Core group of intellectuals is hotter than you’ll ever be. They’re so globally hot, you can’t quantitatively process them, not even with the newest, sleekest, sexiest computer program.