How to Create the Best Dating App Profile Possible

  1. Be cryptic: can’t let them know too much about you at first glance. Try using a pseudonym, changing your age by two years, or pretending to be a chemistry major.
  2. Exclusively use photos taken by your mom because we all know those are the best ways to capture our true selves. This comes with the added benefit of not needing to spend hours curating.
  3. Use filters: again, stay mysterious. You want to be virtually unrecognizable after your fourth consecutive filter. If that’s not enough, try throwing in a few stock photos under some more filters for further misdirection. 
  4. Set your standards low: you can only go up from here! Sure, you might want to ignore the account that’s definitely a bot repeating the same three sentences for every message, but just remember that it could be sending you no messages at all!