Looks Like Your Suitemate Also Didn’t Have Any Plans Over Spring Break

Graphic by Su Ertekin-Taner

At around 1:25 PM on Tuesday, you finally leave your bed to grab some late breakfast, but while walking to the elevator, you see your suitemate sheepishly walking back with a to-go container in their hands. Looks like Hannah isn’t cooler than you after all. After weekends of discussing the possibilities for spring break shenanigans, it appears neither you nor your suitemate were invited to anything fun and have been left with no other choice than to spend the week in your tiny Columbia dorm rooms. At least your roommate isn’t there, but then again, they’re probably having more fun than you. You finish up making awkward small talk about resting and relaxing and move past each other. Oh well. That was fun. Time to double check when JJs opens this week. Was it 12:00 or 2:00?