BREAKING: Columbia Announces New Housing Options for the 2023-2024 School Year

In preparation for the promising and always-enjoyable Room Selection period, Columbia Housing has released a few new housing options for the 2023-2024 school year. These residences are intended for the 99% of students that will inevitably be stuck on the waitlist after receiving a lottery number higher than 3 and an appointment time after the first hour of the selection process. “We are trying to ensure (for the first time ever) that every student that has guaranteed housing will know where they are living before move-in. These premium residences will hopefully ensure that the student-to-bed ratio is somewhat decent,” Columbia Housing stated in their seventeenth mass email of the week. The residences are as follows:

  • Alfred Lerner Hall Ramps

Alfred Lerner Hall Ramps houses mostly sophomores in suite-style living with convenient access to Ferris Dining Hall. There will be one suite allotted to each ramp, each housing at least 10 students, providing additional space for a minimum of 50 students. If necessary, beds will be bunked to accommodate additional students.

  • Dodge Fitness Center

Dodge Fitness Center offers corridor-style singles for sophomores and juniors throughout the building. It is the ideal location for gym bros who spend hours every day lifting. Please note that all athletic events and PE classes will be audible from the rooms. Residents of Dodge Fitness Center will be eligible for preferred seating at Women’s Basketball Games and exclusive after-hours access to the sauna. 

  • Hamilton Hall Elevator

Hamilton Hall Elevator provides suite-style housing to a select group of seniors. Located in the heart of Hamilton Hall, this 5-person suite features a direct landline to Columbia College Dean Josef Sorrett, as well as the unique opportunity to monopolize access to the sole elevator in Hamilton at peak times. 

  • Low Steps

Low Steps is conveniently located in the center of campus, providing a traditional dorm living experience for mostly sophomores. You will be able to host all of the desperate college students regretting going to college in New York City on any mildly warm day and will receive an automatic ticket to Bacchanal 2024!

  • 116th Street Subway Station

116th Street Subway is an all junior residence hall offering corridor-style living with large singles. Its location makes it ideal for students who want to have a pet rat or often commute between Columbia’s campus and downtown.

We wish you the best of luck with the housing lottery and hope that you will be able to take advantage of some of these prime housing options!