Hillary Clinton Tapped to Teach Design Course Called ‘Pantsuit Slaying’

Graphic by Macey Stancato

Regardless of opinions surrounding the political standing and history of the former Secretary of State, everyone would agree that Hillary Clinton’s sense of style knows no ideological bounds.  That’s why Columbia’s newest SIPA professor and presidential fellow has been asked to take on the responsibility of instructing an additional course for the Fall 2023 semester: “Pantsuit Slaying.”

The class will require students to apply and go through an extensive selection process. Sources close to Clinton and her fashion team say that the ideal candidate is not afraid of shoulder pads and loves a good kitten heel. Students who can expect to be successful in the course should have an eye for monochromatic color schemes and carefully-chosen decorative pins.

When Federalist reporters asked Clinton to comment on the new class, she said, “I can’t wait to influence the next generation of girlbosses. No gatekeeping here!” When our reporters asked whether interfering in the Middle East qualified as girlboss activity, they were asked to leave.