Swipe Right and Swipe In: Dining Hall Dates This Valentine’s

Graphic by Dani Rivera

For the Romantic: John Jay Spaghetti

Move over 1:00 PM Sunday breakfast—this John Jay staple can be enjoyed at dinner too. Recreate the classic Lady and the Tramp scene with a damp clump of whole wheat penne. 

For the Dessert Lover: Ferris Chocolate Cake

Nothing screams “let’s take this back to my place” like a dining hall at 180 percent capacity.

For Those Who Want at Least Six Inches: Chef Mike’s Sub Shop

Make your date feel (hot, cold, or vegan) special by giving them 15 inches and soup to go. 

For the Poor Conversationalist: JJ’s 

Serving up fried food to equally fried students, this late-night essential is perfect for those who just can’t find the right words. Just hover near the beverages, and the blaring music will take care of the rest.