CONFESSION: I Did a Sick Flip Turn Out of the Womb and Killed My Twin

There’s something I have needed to get off my chest for a while. I have been haunted by my past for far too long, so it’s time to come clean. I am an athlete. I was born an athlete. I have been an athlete since the womb, and it has been my greatest curse. The guilt has become so strong that I’m thinking of quitting the swim team. It’s time to tell my story. 

My bro and I were tight in the womb. He was a good roommate, not too messy, knew when to be quiet, and had a pretty good sense of humor. He was the smart one; I was the athlete. I was looking forward to life with him. But I had to go and mess it all up. 

I was feeling ready to get out of there, but he was hesitant. We argued and fought until eventually my physical superiority overpowered him. We went into labor. I was so excited by the time my mom got to the hospital that I just couldn’t wait. I tried to wiggle my way out but it’s hard to get down feet-first. Suddenly, I knew what needed to be done. In one instinctual swoop, I shot my head down towards my legs to complete a stunningly graceful flip turn. I came shooting out of the womb with my hands pointed above my head, ready to take on the lap they call life. Everyone was so happy to see me. 

After a while, they weren’t so happy anymore. We waited and waited for my brother to come out, but turns out my otherworldly flip turn did more damage than I thought. 

I hope you can still look at me the same.