‘But My Emails!’ Professor Clinton Speaks out After Failing Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Graphic by Dalia Etessami

Rumors began circulating on Tuesday afternoon that former Secretary of State and recently-appointed SIPA professor Hillary Rodham Clinton has been unable to access her Columbia email. The former secretary confirmed these rumors on Thursday with a verbal statement: “I click ‘send codes,’ and then a little box pops up that says ‘code sent,’ but then I don’t see the codes.” Federalist reporters attempted to reach out with follow-up questions to Madame Professor, but without an available email address, our team only reached her Twitter and Instagram DMs.

Outgoing University President Lee Bollinger and other university officials expressed unanimous agreement that professors should be allowed to use emails other than their official Columbia accounts.All the while, these same officials agreed that professor Clinton should eventually gain access to her Columbia account. “We’re thinking of a three-factor system for Mrs. Clinton: the password, the phone clicking, and then maybe a fit check. If there’s no pantsuit involved, then we know there’s fraudulent activity,” Bollinger said.

More updates to come.