You Go, Girl: I Pick Through Fruit Salad to Channel My Womanly Hunter-Gatherer Instincts

Is it shameful to prefer pineapple to cantaloupe? I think not. Actually, I find it natural to zero in on the yummiest, juiciest selections for my picking. Every day, I enter John Jay Dining Hall like it is a mystical forest filled with berries and shrubs, in which I will methodically gather grapes and pineapple to pair with my omelet. 

My fellow fruit-lovers must agree! Nothing is better than being greeted by a bowl of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries in Ferris. This is a top-secret tip, but if you order the Ferris Fruit Salad, you will truly feel like an animal as you pick through the spinach leaves (I don’t know if it’s actually spinach tbh) for those sweet, sneaky blueberries. Is this evil? Perhaps. I am a greedy little fruit-fiend, unable to be stopped.