Five People From Your Contacts Who Will be Able to See Your TikToks if You Verify Your Cell Number

You decided to finally verify your cell number on your TikTok account thinking this feature would help you recover it if it were ever snatched from your grasp by Russian hackers. While your account still rests securely in your hands, your For You Page is filled with TikToks “from your contacts.” Does this mean they can see your videos, too? Unfortunately, yes. 

The following contacts have seen you “shaking ass” on TikTok: 

  1. Katie, who thumbed her number into your phone while you were both waiting for the only stall in the Mel’s bathroom with adequate T.P. during NSOP 2018. You both wanted to double-major on the Pre-Med track, so you thought you’d keep in touch. Maybe you should give her a Linkedin search to see where she ended up… 
  1. Your SAT tutor from 10th grade, Greg, who made you cry every Thursday at 3PM at your local Starbucks. Your mom always sat at another table within eyeshot of yours to make sure her money was going somewhere valuable. 
  1. Summer Camp Sarah. She was your trust fall partner in the relationship building exercise and you swore you’d be best friends forever. Her parents bought a summer home in the Hamptons the following year, so you two never crossed paths again. 
  1. Mr. Jones, your 10th grade APUSH teacher who the entire class had a crush on. You have his number from your big Spring field trip to Washington, DC, where he was your chaperone and therefore legally bound to give you his contact. You thought about sending a text a few weeks after graduation. 
  1. Your dad. Get it together.