Alma Mater Launches OnlyFans to Make Ends Meet

Artwork by Masha Sokolova

The decreased number of students on campus due to the pandemic has put Alma Mater in a difficult situation financially. Before March 2020, her primary source of income was posing for photos with drunk freshmen on their way to their dorms from EC. Without the tips she relies on to survive, Alma Mater has now decided to join the gig economy. Being unable to serve as a ride-share or a food delivery driver, as she’s a bronze statue unable to move, Alma Mater decided to monetize her sexuality and launch an OnlyFans page. Here’s what she said in our interview:

“I must admit this wasn’t plan A for me. I actually started a podcast a couple months ago where I analyzed the 101 Dalmatians lore in-depth, with each episode dedicated to another dalmatian. However, I didn’t get as many Patreon subscribers as I wanted to, so I decided to give this OnlyFans thing a shot. I have a decent amount of subscribers, and I make custom videos as well. In fact, there’s this account called NotPrezBo that just requested a dozen small penis humiliation videos from me.”

Alma Mater has also announced that she has a 50 percent discount for those who found the owl under her skirt.