First-Year Embraces “Explore New Horizons” NSOP Theme, Moves from Bedroom to Kitchen

Image courtesy of Zoe Davidson

LITTLETON, IOWA—Last Wednesday, on the third day of virtual NSOP, Leah Chambers, CC ’24, moved from her bedroom on the second floor of her house to the kitchen on the first floor. The move happened in the five-minute break between the Center for Student Advising’s webinar on “Tips for Online Learning” and the Center for Career Education’s Zoom info session on “Getting an Online Internship.”

When asked what prompted the relocation, Chambers reflected, “This year’s NSOP theme, ‘Explore New Horizons,’ really made me realize that there are no limits to the new experiences I can have this semester! I can take LitHum from my basement, FroSci from my living room, and if I’m feeling really crazy, I could even do Multivariable Calculus from my laundry room!” Chambers went on to thank the OL team for brightening her outlook on Fall 2020: “At first I was disappointed not to be on campus this semester, but after three full days of non-stop virtual orientation content, I realized Zoom school will be just as good. Who needs to leave home and make new friends when you can participate in never-ending awkward ice breakers supervised by upperclassmen?”

As of press time, it is unknown whether Chambers will opt to move back to her bedroom for day four of NSOP.