I Don’t Just Think I’m Better Than You – I Also Take Classes at 8:40 AM

Oh, hi! Good afternoon! Wait, it’s only 11:45? The days just seem so much longer and fuller now. You know, because of my 8:40 class, of course! 

Golly, I just never realized how much of the day I wasn’t using before this semester. I’m up with the sun, and campus is so quiet and peaceful with all of you sleepyheads in bed until your 10:10 classes. Enjoy it while you can, kiddo, until you have to become part of the real world with the rest of us adults. I actually like the mornings better. What can I say? I’m a total morning person! I’ve actually started waking up at 5 so that I’m at Dodge right when it opens, before the girls basketball team even gets there for warm-ups. 

Dude, did you just yawn? Aww, did the little baby have to wake up too early? That’s crazy. You must have really gone downhill since high school. I haven’t been tired in years. I’ve become photosynthetic. It means I feed off the sun. I learned about it in my 8:40. Maybe you should come sometime! You know, if you can wake up on time. 

Oh, what’s the class on? I don’t know. I’m too busy chugging Ferris Nitro Cold Brew to do stuff like “pay attention.” See you there!