Sadistic, Cruel Instructor Moves Assignment Deadline From 11:59 PM to 11:58 PM

In a heretofore unseen display of brutality, Economics Professor Ben Gordon quietly revised the deadline for Problem Set 3 of UN2178: The German Economy from 11:59 PM to 11:58 PM, resulting in a failure to submit for over 35% of the students enrolled in his course. 

The response to Gordon’s change has been quick: at time of publication (12:01 AM), Gordon has lost a previously-held Gold Nugget on CULPA, the unaffiliated teacher-reviewing platform for the university. Sources in the Economics department speculate that the decision was made due to Gordon’s growing disgruntlement 

“Gordon cut the amount of time I work on the problem set in half, and he has the audacity to mark it as incomplete?” Noah Cadena (CC ‘25) protested. “I can’t believe this—doesn’t he know the kind of students he’s teaching?”