BREAKING: People Who Got “POV: indie” on Spotify Wrapped to Hold Campus Social Celebrating Unique Taste

After the annual mass posting of Spotify Wrapped on Instagram stories, some users found that their top genre was a niche by the name of “POV: indie”. These users, who have never had the space to share their interests in artists like Mac DeMarco, the Neighbourhood, and Phoebe Bridgers, organized an event tonight on the Columbia campus. 

We talked to Eric Campbell (CC ’25), an avid Noah Kahan listener and the organizer of the event. “When I got the news this morning, I was just overjoyed. I’ve never felt so seen before. By the way, I’m 6’1 and I love Taylor Swift.” 

If you received “POV: indie” as your top genre, congratulations, and make sure to join Eric and a select few others in floor 7 of the stacks tonight. Eric declined to comment on specific plans for the event, but he hints at a listening party by leaving us with this: “We’re overdue for a revival / We spent so long just gettin’ by / That’s the thing about survival / Who the hell-, who the hell likes livin’ just to die?”

The Federalist is not sure what he meant by this.