Uh Oh! Canada’s Least Favorite Incel in Your Area: An Open Reverse Invitation to Jordan Peterson from the Columbia Federalist

Notorious misogynist and (even worse) Canadian Jordan Peterson is coming to campus and instead of telling you where or when you can find him speaking, I recommend you put that bigotry boner away and instead apologize to your mother. 

There are too many Male supremacists and transphobes on campus as it is. But hopefully with your help, Jordan Peterson, we’ll be able to successfully trap, neuter, release every insecure sub-six foot cuck-slug who wants to see you speak, unironically. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being a cuck. The Fed loves cucks. But cucks who think that their facts don’t have to care about my feelings can eat my butt. Wrong. Everyone has to care about my feelings. 

Is “the masculine spirit under attack,” Jordan Peterson? Good. Those were our soldiers, armed with super soakers full of grimace milkshakes. Is “chaos feminine,” Jordan Peterson? Damn right, I’m everywhere. I’m nowhere. I’m a lobster now, bitch. 

TLDR: Eat my butt, Jordan Peterson


The Fed