Op-Ed: The New Diana Pizza Crust Has Made Me Happy to Be Gluten-Free

Not going to lie—there is nothing more embarrassing than ordering my gluten-free cauliflower-crust pizza in front of a line of 25 hungry college students at the Diana Center Cafe, who now have to watch the pizza man change his gloves, pull out a new crust, sauce it, cheese it, and add my toppings. It delays everyone by four to five minutes. I can feel the glaring eyes boring into the back of my head. 

HOWEVER… ever since the beloved thin-crust “normal” pizza has been replaced by a thick, glutinous, slow-cooking pizza crust… my cracker-like cauliflower crust has been a hot commodity. I am now the mysterious person who has somehow acquired a thin crust Diana Cafe pizza, not the person who made you late to your 1:10 class. Thx Barnard Dining <3