Some of Prezbo’s Most Famous Quotes, Explained 

As we say farewell to Lee Bollinger’s legendary 20-year tenure as Columbia’s president, the Federalist is reminiscing on some of Prezbo’s best insights: 

  1. “I became concerned that the grids might be misinterpreted.”

On freshmen getting lost on the 1 train during NSOP 

  1. “Use your ignorance as well as your knowledge for creative means.”

On jumping the subway turnstile in front of a cop 

  1. “Columbia cannot rest. There are so many important things to be done, so many areas of knowledge to be explored …” 

On doing surgery on a grape

  1. “There are few things more precious on any university campus than freedom of thought and expression … it should be the principle we live by at Columbia University.” 

On cancel culture