Dear Spotify: Please Remove “Uptown Munk” by Alvin and the Chipmunks From My Wrapped

Graphic by Molly Durawa

Dear Spotify Wrapped,

Look, we all have our phases. Sure, it’s a bit embarrassing to show your friends that Charlie Puth is your top artist when you’re supposed to be all cool and indie. I know that “I can’t even remember listening to that!” must be a phrase you hear constantly around this time of year. However, I’m pretty sure I would probably remember at least one of the 694 times you claim I listened to “Uptown Munk.” While I’m sure it’s a great song, showcasing the entire group at its artistic peak, with beautiful, heart-stopping solos from both Theodore and Simon, I simply cannot post this. Although I’m sure this clever, gripping Bruno Mars cover should be spread throughout the nation, unless you fix this strange error in my Wrapped, my friends may never look at me the same way again.


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