CPS Now Accepting Spotify Wrapped Instead of Consultation Appointment 

Graphic by Molly Durawa

As the end of the year draws nearer and everyone is posting their Receiptify and other yearly music recaps in their Insta stories, Columbia Psychological Services has announced that it will be altering its service booking system. “For all the students who may feel like ‘monsters on the hill’ rather than ‘sexy babies’ as finals approach, CPS is pleased to announce we will be offering prioritized counseling for those who have a really fucked up Spotify Wrapped,” University Life announced in an email. “If you’re in the top one percent of an artist’s listeners, you will immediately be placed on a priority list for an appointment.” Concerned students should tag CPS in their stories or just show up to John Jay Health Center crying. The email went on to urge students with Mitski in their Top 100 to get involved with the wonderful resources offered by LGBTQ@Columbia.