Op-ed: I Want To Be the Hot, Mysterious TA, But My Students Just Keep Asking Me When My Office Hours Are

I’m a senior in CC, and I was really looking forward to being the TA for General Chemistry this semester. I’ve always wanted to be that TA that everyone crushes on, but it turns out these students just want me to show up on time for recitation. 

I thought that I should maybe play a little hard to get, so I’ve stopped responding to my email. It seems to be working because I have 1,392 missed emails asking me if I’m ever holding office hours. I mean, it sounds to me that there’s 1,392 people who are down to hang out sometime. 

I’m really not looking for much. Maybe just a few Columbia Confessions posts here and there where someone mentions their chemistry TA with the charming smile, piercing blue eyes, and steady hands of someone who’s mastered titrations. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to remind everyone to keep their TAs in mind. This does not mean I will begin holding regular office hours however, so please stop asking.