As Grad Student Protests Continue, Prezbo Hosts Dramatic Reading of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”

President Bollinger presented a vivacious reading of the book he described as “a personal fave” this past Wednesday evening, following his “Freedom of Speech & Press” lecture. The production involved a multimedia slideshow, physical teaching aids – many seemingly cobbled together from products found at University Hardware – and a wide variety of unintelligible gestures.

The reading was given in-person to a select audience of donors to the university and aired live on Zoom to the full student body. When asked for a comment, one grad student in Comparative Literature, who wished to remain anonymous, stated: “I don’t really know. It feels almost a little pointed, like he’s saying that we’re the mice asking for the milk and the straws. But maybe I’m just reading too far in.”

Provost Mary Boyce initially declined to comment on the analogy, but she later sent a school-wide email reiterating the university’s commitment to providing its students with protein-rich milk and eco-friendly straws.