How to Deface Your Neighborhood Trump Posters

Disclaimer: The Federalist is in no way promoting trespassing or the defacement of posters advertising an absolutely awful president. We are merely showing our readers (who will do this with or without instruction) how to property deface Trump campaign posters. If you’re going to commit a misdemeanor, you might as well do it like a true artist.

We know that some of you have neighbors who are convinced that Biden stole the election and therefore still have Trump-Pence signs in their lawns. If you have a strong inclination to do so, make these signs your canvas with a few easy steps. 

Step 1 is to look at what you are working with, really understand why you are doing this. Is it because you are a student at a disgraceful liberal institution? Chew on that one. And collect your supplies; you’ll need blue and white either spray paint, paint, and if you have the time, markers. (The Federalist recommends Michael’s because there are always a bunch of coupons available, but if you’re feeling particularly ironic you can do your shopping at Hobby Lobby.)

Step 2 is to turn the T in Trump into an I.

Step 3 is to make the R into a P.

You’ve got this. You are almost there. 

Step 4 is a little bit of a challenge so bare with us. It’s two parts: part one is to turn the C into an I by getting rid of the curves in the C, and make what’s left into an I. Part two is to change the E into an S. You can take the difficult route of figuring out how to get the lines of the E to curve into an S or do it my way, by just painting over the E and painting an S over it. 

Easier than watching Nevada count the votes but definitely more difficult than waiting for Trump’s concession speech.