Students Reading Canon of Only White Men Shocked by White Supremacy on Campus

Federalist White SUpremacy.jpg

COLLEGE WALK, 4:00 AM — Students across Columbia University are reeling after footage of a Columbia College student celebrating white pride and harassing black students went viral.

Izzie Chapman, CC ‘19,  spoke to the Federalist about her disappointment with this unapologetic display of racist behavior.

“I was so excited to choose a college where I would be surrounded by open-minded students.I just don’t know where people get the idea that white nationalist rhetoric is okay,” said  Chapman, who is currently writing a 10-page paper on Nietzsche and Machiavelli.

“We engage with ideas from all over the world; Italy, Germany, France, England, New England,” added Chapman. “How anyone could still think that way after such an education?”

“Actually, I want to give that guy some credit where it’s due,” said Cameron Davidson, CC ‘21. “I have a final coming up for Contemporary Civilizations and this guy hit like, 8 out of 10 of the main points of the class in a way that is easy to digest. I’m feeling a lot better about the exam now.”

Columbia Administrators also expressed their shock at the incident. “Through the Core Curriculum, we are creating progressive leaders who have wide-ranging tools to engage with the world around them” said Columbia’s undergraduate deans in a joint email. “It is abhorrent to us that a student reading only the texts upon which Western Civilization is founded would claim that Europeans invented science and progress.”

The Black Student Organization responded to the event with a familiar automated message first used after the 1968 protests at the University: “Once again, we are not surprised.”

Investigation into the University’s website has caused many to realize that the sophomore’s final cheer, (“Fuck yeah white men, we’re white men, we did everything!”) is actually a direct quote from the epigraph of the Core Reader.Representatives from the Center for the Core Curriculum denied requests for comment.

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