Op-Ed: I’m Not Sure Donald Trump’s Going To Be A Good President

By Ricardo Mumalo

Um, so this is a bit awkward. Usually I’m of the mind to wait-and-see, quiet-and-listen, stop-and-frisk. But, from what I’ve read, things are a bit rough down in D.C., and I am not so sure that Donald Trump is going to be a good president.

I’ll admit, I was pretty excited when I first saw him come down that big escalator in his building.  He waved a bit like that British queen, and they’re doing great over there! Then a lot of the stuff I heard him say made sense to me. A lot of those Mexican Chipotles have opened up in my town over the last five years, taking the place of good old-fashioned American Taco Bells. And I definitely don’t think people we know are going to bomb us should come to our country. That just doesn’t make sense.

I really didn’t like Hillary, either. What was she trying to prove by wearing those woman suits? Like, we know you’re a woman, stop trying to fool us into thinking you’re a guy. Then she had those e-mails that were secret, and Trump pointed out that she was the most corrupt candidate ever. Listen, if it swims like a duck, smells like a duck, has flippers like a duck, then it probably also waddles like a duck. Too bad Hillary Clinton isn’t a duck though. I would have voted for her then.

So, I voted for Trump, and I was super happy. But this week, he has done some super shifty stuff. Like, although I wasn’t thrilled about it, I got Obamacare because the Cheesecake Factory doesn’t have dental insurance. And, I’m supposed to get a filling in a few weeks, but now Trump is saying that I won’t be able to. So that’s not really cool, and is not a good sign in my opinion. I don’t think he should outlaw the dentist.

Look, if I had to guess, Trump’s going to turn it around. You don’t just build a huge, unfailing business empire without learning how to fix problems. But for the time being, I’m a little bit worried that he is not going to be super great at being president.

Also I just realized this but didn’t he molest someone or something?

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