Columbia Gym Teachers Already Disgusted

Only a week into the semester, the Columbia Physical Education Department already finds itself nauseated. As PE classes begin across campus, instructors report gagging back their breakfasts when glimpsing their students trying to exert themselves.

One session of Dancing in Place had to be postponed when the gym floor became coated in a thick layer of Ferris-pizza grease. The instructor, Peter Nielsen, reported watching the oil seep out of his students’ pores as they began to move their limbs, slathering the floor in pepperoni and mozzarella grease.

Shreya Ortiz, a Yoga instructor, attributed the students’ pathetic physical condition to a simple cause: “They’re all a bunch of lazy fuckers, and fuckers don’t pass.” Ortiz reported that three of her students had fainted that morning and needed medical assistance after just 7 seconds of downward dog. One student had suffered a debilitating asthma attack after attempting to roll out her mat. “I’ve never encountered more flabby human beings,” Ortiz said. “Except for every other semester I’ve taught here.”

When The Federalist asked students in John Jay about these disturbing reports, most declined to comment, stammering something about “going to Dodge tonight.” However, one admitted he is familiar with the issue: “I’ve heard sex is good exercise,” he said. “I’m just not doing any of that either.”

As of press time, JJs’ closing has reduced the average daily flights of stairs climbed on campus to zero.

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