Columbia Announces 2024-2025 Academic Year Canceled, Citing Security Concerns 

In a shocking email sent at 1:13am, President Shafik, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, announced that the next year at Columbia has been canceled due to an increased risk of disruption from outside agitators. Citing “the unique circumstances involved” and thanking students for their patience, the administration laid out plans to cancel all upcoming events, including the 2024 New Student Orientation Program, both the upcoming fall and spring semester, and the 2025 graduation. Noting how “The safety of Columbia and greater communities is the guiding principle for determining these measures,” the announcement said, explaining that students should prepare to leave campus and never return, until all disagreements are settled within the Student, Faculty, Staff, and administrative bodies. All students have been advised to check their email tonight to see whether the 2026 academic year will be postponed or canceled.