I LIVED IT: I Remembered to Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day and No One Was Impressed

Sometimes, at school, it feels like I’m constantly falling behind. I forget to turn in assignments, sleep through my classes, and pull constant all-nighters to barely scrape by on my endless midterms. When spring break hit this year, I thought it would be the perfect time to hit the reset button and finally get back on top of things. I was not going to get caught unprepared on the big day. Every single year, I leave my room on March 17 and for the rest of the day I get bombarded with flagrant insults and pinches for not wearing green. So when St. Patrick’s Day rolled around this year, I was ready. I woke up, pulled on a green shirt, and headed out the door. Shockingly, though, as I went about my business, no one commented on my color of shirt. Not a single soul. Look, I get it, you all think you’re so cool. But come on, you mean to tell me that no one was even a little bit impressed? I woke up with an agenda, and I executed it. I have to wear green today? Got it, boom, done. Not getting caught slacking today, baby. No pinches coming my way, that’s for sure. Surely that merited some sort of recognition. I feel like I at least deserved a few nods of silent admiration. What happened to a good ol’ pat on the back to show some respect? Our society used to recognize people who went above and beyond, but that’s just gone out the window. Sorry folks, next year I won’t be putting in the effort. See how you like it then.