5 Fun Things To Do Now That The Fences Around Alma Mater Are Down!

  1. Visit the great state of Oklahoma!
  • I hear it’s lovely this time of year!
  1. Put the fences back up in the middle of the night!
  • You liked the massive amount of occupied space and inconvenience caused by them, didn’t you?
  1. Stare longingly into the void!
  • It still hasn’t answered back yet, but you never know when it will!
  1. Work on that UW or CC paper you keep putting off!
  • You can’t run from it forever, and if the fences can come down, your resistance to that dreaded paper can come down too!
  1. Keep searching for the owl hidden in her robes!
  • Tell us if you’ve found it. We haven’t and it’s driving us insane.