Chef Mike Opens ‘Chef Mike Bike’ Right Next to Fac Shack

With the growing popularity of Columbia’s newest dining option, Fac Shack, Columbia dining legend Chef Mike recently decided to open up the ‘Chef Mike Bike’ right next door. Enraged by the number of loyal Chef Mike’s customers that shifted their allegiance to Fac Shack, Chef Mike knew he had to do something. After rapidly whipping up a batch of submarine sandwiches, stuffed to the gills with his grandmother’s delectable meat, Chef Mike deposited the load in his big ol’ chef hat, put the bundle in his bike basket, and rode the bike to the entrance of Wein Hall. It didn’t take long for the savory aroma of the sandwiches to waft into the Fac Shack line. The line immediately dispersed, with students pushing and shoving to get to the front of the line for the Chef Mike Bike. Within minutes, the supply of subs was devoured. Students were seen crying outside Wein, knowing that they may never eat food that good ever again. Many Chef Mike’s defectors profusely apologized to their king of campus dining, vowing that from here on out they would never break their allegiance to his magnificent kitchen. Columbia has decided to get rid of Fac Shack as result of the popularity of the Chef Mike Bike, and is strongly considering implementing other types of on-the-go vehicular Chef Mike locations, such as the potential Chef Michael Motorcycle at the Sundial.