From Drain to Drama: Meet McBain Mold, the Columbia Alumn Starring in HBO’s The Last of Us

Earlier this month, Federalist reporters were offered an exclusive opportunity to sit down with the newest famous Columbia alumna, McBain Mold. From their meek rental fridge beginnings to their newly minted Hollywood Heartthrob status, Mold has seen rapid germination—both in the professional and personal sphere—since their graduation in 2020. Fans of Mold can watch them in HBO’s The Last of Us, which is currently airing.

Our star entered Blue Java in a nondescript fuzzy sweater and sleek pair of shades. We admired their confidence as they ordered a cup of warm water, to which they added four packets of dry yeast. After a few moments of mixing, we began our interview:

[This conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.]

The Federalist: So, Mold, how have you been?

McBain Mold: Oh, please, just call me Mic! I’m excited to be back on campus. Blue Java has changed a lot since I last stopped by. 

FED: Really? I can imagine it’s strange to see it so busy after graduating during the pandemic. Could you tell us more about that perhaps?

MM: Yes, graduating during the pandemic certainly had its own set of challenges. What I missed most were the showers. There really is nothing like dirty towels and steam—I always felt like I could be myself.  

FED: That’s so special and relatable. Now, you certainly were spotted in many campus spaces during your tenure. Do you have any tips for current students looking to get more involved? 

MM: My secret to success was actually joining every acapella group! This mold can sing, baby! [laughter.]

FED: Thanks Mic, our readers will love that. So, after you graduated from Columbia with a degree in sustainable development, you ultimately turned to Hollywood—why?

MM: This is actually a great story. [laughter.] So Sir Venus Flytrap IV, who is most known for his seminal performance in Little Shop of Horrors, is actually my third cousin twice removed. He always encouraged me to pursue acting, but my parents were real yuppies, ya know? Typical bread mold. After I graduated and moved out, I was able to really explore myself. I realized that Uncle Viffy (Sir Venus Flytrap IV) was right. 

FED: That is very touching. Did this upset your parents? 

MM: Well, my mother came from an established yogurt mold family, but left to marry my father, a lowly bread variant. So I guess they understood the desire to follow one’s heart. 

FED: Wow, that’s really inspiring. Now let’s talk about your most recent project. Your time on the set of the Last of Us is nothing short of monumental. We gotta know: what was the biggest challenge you faced preparing for the role of Fungus? 

MM: Well, clearly, I’m mold and the character is Fungus! I definitely had to do my homework and really hone in on a convincing performance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the result. 

FED: We’re very excited! One final question: What’s next, Mic? 

MM: I may need to start prepping for a second season… no spoilers though! Otherwise, I think I’m gonna step back from society for a bit and connect with my roots, really soak up my surroundings.