Five Ways to Let Your Friends Know That You’ve Secured Your Summer Internship (And They Haven’t)

  1. Say “Awwww … I remember those days. You’ll get through it. I know I did!” whenever they mention an upcoming interview. It’s so cute to see them dress in their business casual attire—just like you did two months ago!
  2. Ask them to hang out whenever there’s a recruiting showcase/career fair/informational session. It’s nice to remind them that you’re still free if they were thinking of skipping! Besides, these large events are kind of a waste of time … for you!
  3. Bring the pen that you got from your freshly secured summer internship absolutely everywhere—and let them borrow it whenever they need to write something down! You’re just helping out a friend. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a humble brag. 
  4. Post on LinkedIn … and screenshot it and post it on your Instagram story and then post a screenshot of your offer letter and then maybe mention it in your Instagram bio and then maybe wait for someone to congratulate you (then ask them what their summer internship plans are).
  5. Bring up fun social plans for the summer, and then say, “But wait, I’d have to check with my internship coordinator. You know, the coordinator for my summer internship? I’d probably have to shoot her a Slack DM. Or maybe an email. Or maybe a text. What does your internship coordinator prefer? Oh, you don’t know? Interesting.” 

With these five easy steps, you should be well on your way to stepping on your friends to scale the corporate ladder. You go, future CEO!