“I’m Just Here for the Chanel Bag” — How Columbia Students Spent Their Summers

LOW STEPS — As the summer comes to a close, Columbia students return to campus with an abundance of professional experiences. We interviewed three students to find out more about what Columbia students got up to this summer. 

Lulu Smith (CC’24) spent her summer working at an investment bank on Wall Street. “When it comes to job prospects, I tend to gravitate towards those that can best help me achieve my financial goals. As a student at the most expensive university in the country, it is crucial that I fund my designer shopping habit. Hermes doesn’t offer you a Birkin for sitting around on your behind all summer.” 

Other students worked smarter, not harder. Jip Buchanan (CC’23) told the Federalist that this summer, he convinced his father to work as an investor in him: “Being that this is my last summer of college, I was concerned that having a full-time job would take time away from what really matters. By finding a personal investor for the summer, I was able to focus my attention towards more important pursuits: Being the best party host in Morningside Heights” 

Finally, a surprising number of Columbia students pursued careers in the hemp management industry this summer. Josh Bass (CC’23.5) described his experience in the space as “pretty chill” and recommended it for anyone with excellent interpersonal skills. Josh suggests that students interested in this line of work write their Columbia email addresses on the South-facing external wall of McBain Residence Hall and he “will handle the rest.” 

It’s clear that Columbia students have made their mark on the professional world this summer. The Federalist wishes these young professionals the best of luck with their future plans!