Mom Says it’s My Turn on the Lerner Turnstile

Image by Gustie Owens

Hey older bro,

It looks like you and your friends have been having a lot of fun swiping your cards and then walking through the turnstiles and then coming back and swiping your card and walking through them. Really cool. 

But Mom says it’s my turn. I wanna go through them and frolic. You don’t have to stop though, I could swipe with you guys. I promise I have a green screen and the spinny will spin I promise.

Actually, don’t worry about it, big bro. Watching you guys swipe your cards and then walk through the door and then run around and swipe your cards is actually just as fun as swiping my card and then walking through the door and then running around and swiping your cards, I would imagine. I’ve never done it before.

Anyway, have fun older bro. Happy birthday to me, I guess.