SHOCKING! This Girlboss Wrote an Email Without Saying “If Not, No Worries”

Artwork by Melissa Wang

Jenna Collins (CC’24) is already kicking ass and taking names during her first week of in-person classes. 

In a swift email to her advisor, Jenna asked to meet during the following week to confirm her classes worked for her potential major. She sat, focused before her computer, ensuring that each word conveyed her exact meaning without coming off as pushy or aggressive. However, Jenna soon found that something clicked inside of her. She inched her cursor to the end of her draft, highlighted the phrase “if not, no worries,” and pressed the delete button. 

“To say it was cathartic is an understatement,” said Jenna after her big moment. “I wanted her to know that if not, worries. I’m worried. I’m really, really worried,” Jenna said, wiping the tears from her face. Jenna declined to comment further and left abruptly. 

We reached out to Jenna’s advisor for any comments on the email, but she was unsure if she knew Jenna. After rummaging around her spam folder for 12 minutes, she eventually found the email and promptly responded to schedule a meeting for Tuesday. “Yeah, I just responded right now. Was she worried the email went to my spam? Is that what this is about? I didn’t really read the email in depth so I’m not too sure what you want me to say about it,” said Jenna’s advisor. 

Jenna plans to keep her girl boss energy up for the semester, and we’re eager to see what she does next.