Which Econ Bro Should You Date?

Welcome back to campus! Now that you have settled in, it’s time to do what you came to Columbia for: find the econ bro of your dreams.

  1. How would you describe your notes?
    1. Times New Roman size 12 double-spaced
    2. Long-ass document with the whole semester’s notes
    3. Audio recordings of everything the professor says
    4. Dainty hand written notes in 56 different colors
  2. How often do you experience imposter syndrome?
    1. What’s that?
    2. Only once when I got a B+ (I still have a 3.9 GPA tho)
    3. Never until I took Advanced Programming, now constantly
    4. I have inspirational quote art to help me cope
  3. What happened in 2008?
    1. Lehman Brothers went bankrupt
    2. President Obama was elected
    3. Windows 7 came out 
    4. Brangelina had twins
  4. How many Vineyard Vines clothes do you own?
    1. Seven quarter zips, but I prefer my Goldman Patagonia
    2. The hat I wear backwards to AKPsi parties
    3. I actually prefer hoodies
    4. None! All of my clothes are one-of-a-kind
  5. What are you looking for in a relationship?
    1. Someone that talks to someone else about their emotions
    2. Someone I can talk to about being fiscally conservative and socially liberal 
    3. Someone who won’t mind my lack of personality 
    4. Someone who wants to explore the meaning of life
  6. What was your favorite class?
    1. Principles of Economics with Sunil Gulati
    2. Freedom of Speech and Press with Lee Bollinger
    3. 1004 with Adam Cannon
    4. Clothing with Anne Higonnet

Mostly As: Financial Economics Bro

  • You seem intense, but so are financial econ bros. You two might find genuine love, or use each other to climb the ladder of success at Goldman Sachs. I hope the riveting conversation about how they actually understand cryptocurrency makes up for the disappointment in the bedroom. 

Mostly Bs: Economics-Political Science Bro 

  • You definitely only picked Bs to avoid ending up with a finance bro, but you’ve still picked a corporate sellout bro. You two will share intellectually stimulating conversations and argue about who will make more when writing your prenup.  

Mostly Cs: Economics and Computer Science Bro

  • Just run.

Mostly Ds: None?

  • You seem very cool and interesting, so I can only hope that you were only taking this quiz to find someone to pay off your student loans. In that case, any of the econ bros on The Fed exec board is the one for you.