Among Us Campus Tournament Goes Horribly Wrong After Decapitation

Artwork by Masha Sokolova

LOW STEPS — Marty Flymic CC’24 was found yesterday decapitated on the steps of Low library. Sources say that the first-year had been playing a real-life version of the massively popular video game Among Us just moments prior to the killing. In the video game, nine players must complete tasks on a spaceship and avoid a secret imposter, whose goal is to kill (via cartoon decapitation) the other nine players while avoiding suspicion. Players convene after bodies are found and attempt to determine the imposter. The on-campus version had been organized by the CU Among Us Club (CUAUC).

Authorities are questioning suspects related to the murder. “It was my idea, and I’m still proud of it,” Ken Sagovich CC’21, a fellow player, said. “Since everyone in the digital version of the game wears an astronaut helmet, I thought this would be a good way to gather and encourage masks. We dressed in costumes and everything. At least the killer is wearing a mask, whoever they are.”

“I was completing my task— testing chlorine levels in the fountains— when Flymic was killed,” said Jordan Levi CC’21. “I saw Eleanor Smith nearby though, she’s a little sus.”

“Wasn’t me,” says player Jayden Maxwell SEAS’22. “I was doing my task, which was shitting in the Butler stacks, so I couldn’t have committed that brutal murder.”

Eleanor Smith CC’21 was the player who found the body on Low steps.”It was horrible,” she said through tears, “I stumbled upon him just laying there on the steps. Blood everywhere, bones sticking out, people screaming. I was going there to do my task of course, but I called the police to report the murder.”

“Eleanor fucking self-reported, I just know it,” said Levi.

Police are yet to name a suspect, and the imposter is still at large. Students have been sending prayers and support to Flymic’s family.