LEAKED: Ideas for Living Arrangements from Secret Group “Columbia Living in Luxury, Fall 2020”

Artwork by Katherine Chen

The following is a leaked post from the secret Facebook group “Columbia Living in Luxury, Fall 2020,” a place for people to brainstorm fall housing ideas without judgment. The only requirement necessary to be added to the group is to pay membership dues.

Hey guys! I’ve brainstormed a couple of potential living options for fall. I know people have been giving us heat about going to MoHi so I thought of some alternatives!! I think I’ll do #3 so please DM if you’re interested in living together!! 

#1: Buy a penthouse on the Upper East Side. It can foster community and you won’t be confined to a small apartment. It worked for iconic Columbia students Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, and there is no better representation of life at Columbia than Gossip Girl.

#2: Get a beach house. Easy access to the ocean will make up for the lack of New York attractions. There’s nothing like taking a dip after a long scroll through Instagram.

#3: Be a global citizen! Find a flat on Notting Hill. Rent a chic apartment in Italy—Eat Pray Love style. There’s no better occasion to be exploring a new place than during a global pandemic.

Please feel free to post your ideas! I know things are tough right now, but we’ll get through one hundred dollar bill at a time 🙂