AEPi Brother Comes Out as Goy


Brothers of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity were rocked this Friday night when Ben Weiss CC ‘19 revealed he was a goy.

Eyewitnesses report that, when asked what his Bar Mitzvah project was, Weiss gave forth a small chuckle and said, “What do you mean?” Responding to the confused ripple around him, Weiss reportedly followed with, “You know I’m Lutheran, right?” The members of the frat were astonished.

“I just had no idea” said Judah Rosenfeld CC ‘20 to the Fed. “I mean, I don’t judge him or anything–nothing but love–although it did catch me off guard. Really, I hope I never offended him when I was ranting about the gentiles in my Rabbis for Historians class.”

Not all brothers were as accepting. Sammy Cohen, also CC ‘19, was seen storming away from the kitchen, having barely touched his blintzes. “Yeah, I’m feeling a bit betrayed” he told us. “I really opened up to Ben about my relationships with members of my temple. But all this time I was talking about rabbis, was he thinking about priests?”

Still, most of the brothers were happy for Weiss. Aaron Goldspan CC ‘18 told us, “I’m just really glad Ben can be himself. It must have been so hard for him, hiding his true identity like that. He’s so brave.”

As of press time, Weiss himself provided no comment on the situation.

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