Fed/CounterFed: I’m Woke vs. I’m Awake

I’m Awake

I was startled awake by a fire alarm at around 2:30 this morning, and haven’t been able to get back to sleep.

I got up to get my half-pint of Ben and Jerry’s EmpowerMint ice cream from the freezer but I just realized I already finished it last night. God damn it.

I heard reading helps make you sleepy but my perusal through this Buzzfeed conspiracy theory about how Leonardo DiCaprio might be a human-dog hybrid isn’t helping.

I’ve given up on trying to sleep so I’m just gonna walk around for a while.

People watching on Low Steps was fun until an old witch crone tried to sell me the blood of a SEAS freshman who fell into the enchanted Delacorte Fountain next to Hamilton.

I’ve been trapped in a conversation with the Halal Guy for 20 minutes and he’s nice and all but I just want my lamb over rice.

I’m Woke

I’m staying aware of the political turmoil and racial conflict in the United States and around the world

Being woke isn’t just about being proactive about my own obstacles, it’s also about using my privilege to empower others.

A way to keep myself informed is to get my information from a variety of sources, including reputable news outlets and books.

I’m keeping myself active in challenging systematic injustices, like participating in protests and walkouts.

You have to stay vigilant on behalf of others. Watching out for other people is key to dismantling oppressive systems.

Most importantly, reaching out to your neighbors is a critical step in building our communities to defend ourselves.

In Other News