Sorority Photo Just Same White Girl Copy and Pasted 150 Times

Instead of taking its annual photo with every member this year, sorority Gamma Alpha Epsilon found a stock photo of a white girl squatting and pasted it 150 times in a row.

“Rather than getting the sisters together this year, we figured it would be easier to just use this Getty image over and over,” Gamma Alpha Epsilon president Becki Madison CC ‘17 said, sipping a skinny half-caf Frappuccino. “We all look the same except for that one brunette, but usually we make her take the photo anyways, so we should be fine.”

After repeating the same white girl 150 times, Madison also increased the brightness of the photo and covered the shadowy areas with hearts and Greek letters, she said.

“It was way quicker this time,” she said. “Usually we have to spend an hour or two getting the perfect lighting before going back to the house, posting on Instagram, and getting wine-drunk, but this time we were able to skip straight to the Instagram and wine part.”

Madison also added that as a result of Photoshopping the picture this year, the girls didn’t have to squat in dresses, which was difficult because their knees were always sore.

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