SPONSORED CONTENT: Student Finally Finds Purpose Through Top Consulting Firm

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS – Rex Johnstone always knew he wanted to help people. But just 6 months into starting as a prospective Human Rights major at Columbia, Johnstone began been questioning whether protecting inalienable freedoms was truly his calling. According to his closest friends, everything changed when he took Sunil Gulati’s “Principles of Economics” class.

“I just realized money is so interesting and important,” said Johnstone, “and that if I get a lot of it, I too could be interesting and important.” Following this realization, Johnstone landed a spot in McKinsey & Company’s prestigious Summer Internship Program for Liberal Arts Students Who Make It Look Like Our Employees Have Interests Other Than Money.

Reflecting on his internship experience, Johnstone gushed: “I was so intellectually and existentially fulfilled. Just by working 18 hours a day, I could avoid asking myself the deep, soul-searching philosophical questions I used to struggle with.”

Asked what other things he liked about McKinsey, Johnstone said, “Well, it’s the best one. Like it’s on Forbes and shit.”

Johnstone’s story is a touching example of how academic passions and existential ambitions can collide in a creative environment like McKinsey’s. Click here to learn more about opportunities to change the world in full and part-time positions.

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