Is That a Sorority Bid in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

It’s rush – sorry, recruitment – weekend at Columbia University, and the mice are out to play (freezing in their mini white dresses and open-toed heels on college walk, of course). We at the Fed are here to prepare you for sorority success. Want to pick up a Bid Day Baddie? Use these themed pick-up lines that are sure to secure you a date. 

  1. Call me a purple toner shampoo the way I wish I was clogging your drain, baby. 
  1. Hey girl, is that an industrial sander, or your fake tanner glove? Either way, I’d love to rub up on you. 
  1. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No really, whats that jet engine sound coming from the communal bathroom? (It’s a dyson airwrap) Oh? Is that what they are calling that nowadays?
  1. It’s giving lineage the way you’re making my little real big right now…
  1. I’ll give you the keys to my off-campus house anytime you’d like!
  1. Babe, what? You got dropped by your top house? Why don’t I come over and pledge your sisterhood right now?
  1. Dry recruitment? Not when I’m near you!
  1. The only rushing I’m doing is back home to you, baby. 
  2. Legacy-them titties, sister!