Places I Would Take President Rosenbury to Introduce Her to Barnard

Hey Laura,

Thanks for coming to Barnard. I’m sure you’ve been given a bunch of campus tours, but quite honestly—there’s more to Barnard outside of our four block campus. 

Here’s some spots I propose you check out to REALLY have the Barnard experience:

  • Henrietta Hudson (Bar & Girl)
    • The easiest way to find a Barnard student off campus.
  • L-Train Vintage
    • Maybe you can get some new fits… but what you really need is the little L-Train tote bag. Everyone has one.
  • Playhouse
    • Pull up with that Barnard endowment $$$ in fresh bills (if you truly support queer artists) and dance the night away with Barnard sophomores!
  • Trader Joes on W 72nd
    • I’d recommend the frozen butter chicken, it’ll fit in well with your busy schedule. Don’t forget your tote!