Yes, Chef! How Chef Mike Became Columbia’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Something feels different on campus. Is it that the bushes around Furnald have finally been trimmed? Is it that all the freshman dorms have AC, despite Columbia saying they didn’t have the money? No. The campus is in an uproar from the fanatical levels of support for everyone’s favorite guy on campus: Chef Mike! 

The recent season of FX’s The Bear has caused a resurgence in chef-based internet content, which has drawn new and returning students to Chef Mike’s Sub Shop. Additionally, fan videos posted from the show have demonstrated how good line cooks look in their white aprons and little hairnets, both of which have directed a new surge of attention towards Chef Mike.

“I read an article saying he has been happily married for 25 years, but I don’t know, I feel something between us,” reported Olivia R. (CC’26). 

“When I took a bite of his Grandma’s special, I truly understood him. TA’s are out; chefs are in,” reported one student, who asked to remain unnamed.